Thursday, 4 September 2008

Winter woolies

The climate "up North" can sometimes leave a little to be desired in the winter, the cold is not cold as in seriously below freezing for days on end, but the sort of cold that creeps in to your bones! In weather like this what could be better than these-
Finished Nether Garments
Hand knitted using 75% wool, 25% nylon, wonderfully soft, machine washable and super cosy!
These were my project for this years Tour de France knitalong, 2 months after starting they're finished, and I think they're wonderful, the waist just needs a little elastic to make sure they don't fall down!
They were knitted using The Yarn Yard Bonny dyed in special tour de france colourway and scraps that people very kindly sent to me. I have lots of scraps left so am planning on passing the love by making something special and letting you lot have chance to win said object. More on that later, I've got some other stuff I want to get done first. Keep checking back though if you don't want to miss out.


  1. woah, they're scarily colourful!!! Are you supposed to wear them as leggings or underneath your jeans where no-one gets to see the glory of your work!?

  2. those are super fun! that is a LOT of little stitches - I'm impressed...

  3. Definitely for under other things!

  4. Katie -

    Those are AMAZING. And now I want some. At the pace I knit I should have them done in time for the winter of 2011, but it is still probably worth it. What pattern did you use?