Tuesday, 22 April 2008

On strike

As you might have heard alot of teachers are striking on Thursday. Unfortunately I will not be one of them, as a student teacher I am not technically employed so can't withdraw my labour..... however school is officially shut on Thursday, but teachers who are not striking need to come in. This includes me.... and I have no work to do, marking 1 set of books is not going to fill the day. Looks like I could be getting lots of knitting down. If I was home I would have loads to do, I've got a pile of Guiding paperwork, and loads of stuff for which I need internet access, I could even go on a resource hunt. However as I don't I am going to be very bored.
The Rainbow overnight was a huge success, I can't put pictures up on here, but the photo of my Rainbows holding a lamb was so cute. We had a wonderful time, with not too late a night, and not too early a morning, though eating breakfast at 7.30am on a Sunday did feel a little odd.
On the job side of things there are 3 jobs in Sheffield that I am applying for, this is after a big drought of jobs in Sheffield, there is one at my first placement school that I would love to get...
Right time to get organised for Rainbows tonight, and then I'm going to chat to someone about the food on the upcoming camping weekend. Catering for 50 people for 3 days is going to be interesting!

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