Thursday, 21 February 2008

Happy Thinking Day

Well for tomorrow anyway, but I suddenly realised I'd not posted for quite a while, and the reason for that is that it is thinking day tomorrow. This means that I am out delivering census forms to all the Rainbow, Brownie and Guide units every night this week. Census is when guiding takes a count of how many member we have all over the country, and the date that we take that count is Thinking Day.
Thinking Day is when we celebrate Guiding and Girl Scouting all over the world, the 22nd of February was chosen as it's the birthday of the man who founded Scouting (Lord Baden-Powell) and his wife who was the Chief Guide. On Friday night all the girls in my district are getting together for a torch-lit walk and a sing song, just our way of having a bit of a celebration really.

Anyway lesson in Guiding over, and I'm afraid I haven't really got anything interesting to post, except have you seen what I've managed to do in my side bar. I'm not the most html savvy so I'm very proud at managing to my Ravelry items up there! Keep your eye on it over the next few days and I'll probably be adding some new things. The final sock is nearly done!

Come back tomorrow for a fix-it-friday post on something, though I'm not sure what yet!

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