Sunday, 11 November 2007

In to the West

All my lesson planning is done, and for the most part I'm pleased with my efforts, but we'll have to see what they're like in practice, for the most part it's the time scales that is terrifying me. Nine lessons is not enough to teach, two Year Seven Biology modules, but as the teacher was away on sick leave before half term, and the class didn't start a new topic when they should we're stuck with it!
Our TV's on the blink, the scart lead at the back is a bit knackered, and doesn't always play with our digi box, so I've been watching DVDs while planning. I couldn't decide what to watch, but in the end went with watching the extras discs from the final Lord of the Rings films. I loved these films, for 3 years it was a Christmas tradition for us to go and watch them. when it cam round to the last one, me and my Mum started crying about 30 minutes from the end, and by the final scene I was positively howling (if you were the people behind me, I apologise now).
Now you'd expect a film to make you cry, but not the extras discs, but these ones are the most beautiful ones you've ever seen. If you have the extended version, and have never watched the extra discs, then you should do, no seriously, right now!
Part of teh extras is a bit of a biography of a young New Zealand lad, who was a film maker, his films are shown as part of the extras, and they are beautiful. He died of Cancer just as the final film was being made, and was the inspiration for the song In to the West, which is sung by Annie Lennox, and even hearing it will start to make me cry!

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