Thursday, 2 August 2007

I'm back

So I went away for a little while. I thought I'd put a post up about it, but apparently I hadn't....
But anyway, I've spent a week trail riding (on horses) in Ireland, I'll put up photos shortly, as in I still need to get them off the camera! If you want to see previous trips then you can go here.
I've got back, after a week with no internet, read 60 emails (I'm unloved!), 80 blog posts (so much I would have commented on at the time, but don't want to a week after the original post!), an checked my bank account to work out how I will pay for my car which has been in the garage while I was away. For those of you that know my car it should no longer feel like I'm driving a sofa!

As it's now 11.30 pm, and I'm back at work tomorrow I'd better leave it there, photos and a full account of my adventures will follow.

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