Monday, 6 August 2007

Do kids nowadays have too great an expectation?

I was at work all day with 2 kids, yep just 2, christ I hate those days, I'd much rather be dealing with 8 hell raisers, than just 2 mild mannered ones. 9.30 till 3.30 is a long time to fill climbing with just 2 kids, particularly if 1 of them refuses to climb, I think by the end of it I was more exhausted than them, after all I climbed up to the top more times than them to move the rope!

Anyway I was talking with them about their holiday, they'd already mentioned wind-surfing, kayaking and horse riding, todays activity will have cost at least £120, with the others being similarly pricey. Apparently these kids were with their grandparents were because their parents were in the Dominican Republic, and you know what, instead of saying they'd had a great time, they were moaning about they'd much rather have been in the Dominican Republic because there was Sky TV, a spa, and you could swim in the sea!

Is it me or is that just weird, I'd have killed for a holiday like they're having when I was their age, in fact I still would! And the ungratefulness nearly took my breath away! when I spoke to their Grandmother about doing more climbing I mentioned some more sessions I'm doing this week which will be as part of a group, her response "I'm sure you'd much rather have 1:1 tuition wouldn't you dears?", is it just me or is that a really sucky attitude.

BTW, get me at the grand old age of 22 moaning about "the kids of today", I'm so loving the irony of that!

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