Saturday, 3 February 2007


I'm all alone for this weekend.
Lex has gone to ride his mountain bike in Wales along with what feels like most of the High Peak Club. I would have liked to have gone, but didn't find out there were spare places in the hut untill it was too late to book the weekend off work. Bummer.
at least they have nice weather for the weekend, I'm just annoyed I can't enjoy it.
It does mean that I get to spend the rest of the time when I'm not working doing what I want to do! Mostly that means eating the food I love, but Lex hates. In particular my favourite creamy orange leeks, mmmm, tea tonight was that with garlic bread, and a large glass of red wine, heaven.
Fear not for Lexs food needs however. I sent him off with a large tin of cake, and instructions not to eat it all on the minibus trip there!

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