Thursday, 8 February 2007

Climbing fun and Rainbow games

I seem to be climbing really well. I'm really close to getting up some climbs I never thought I'd do. I'm semi seriously in training for Sardinia. I don't want to be able to climb super hard stuff, I just want to be fit enough to get a satisfactory number of routes done in a day, and be able to climb for at least 3 or 4 days of the holiday. It doesn't sound like much but will require a bit of training on my part, this time least year those aims would have been impossible.

On a slightly different note I thought I'd write something about my Rainbows, obviously I can't go in to great details, I write this blog under my own name, and they are children. However I can still write some things!
There are 14 of them in the unit, all aged 5-7, and all really sweet girls. Seven of them are new starters this term they all made their promise last night, and I am never doing 7 promises in one night again, far to much to do, and the others just get bored to tears. We also made a crane out of rubbish, and made water filters using gravel, sand and cotton wool. I like messy activities, they're far more fun, for me and everyone. Children nowadays can sometimes seem to grow up not knowing how to make mess, and just use their imagination. I love that I can give them a space to do that, and 1 hour a week isn't much time to give is it!

I know from the stats that a few people found this blog while looking for a guiding blog. I've not written very much about what I actually do with my Rainbows. Is there anything you want to ask me about, or do have any other things you want me to write about? Go on I really want somebody who's not a friend to leave a comment.....

pretty please!

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