Monday, 12 June 2006

Ants are little people!

Spent today doing part of the write up for a field course I was on last week. I basically spent a few days feeding ants bits of Bernard Matthews turkey ham. Turns out they quite like the stuff, though after spending that many days chopping it up in to little pieces I now hate the stuff more than I did before!
Anyway my report has to be super scientific, so I was very good and went to the library to find some references and books! I swear the place gets scarier everything I visit it. I did get some books though including a really good one from the 1930's! Basically it describes ants as people all the way through, including that they love each other! Very sweet!

Am now at Lexs for the last time until he moves! It's quite upsetting as I had grown quite fond of this house. And I have to downsize in beds! May not sound too bad but when your boyfriend is 6"6' he can take up a lot of space without even trying.
The new flat is nice though, and my feet will no longer stick to the kitchen floor, which has to be a plus.

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